A statement from our leadership regarding the incident in Colleyville:
January 16, 2022
Dear Community Members,
After almost 12 heart wrenching hours, it is with immense relief that the rabbi and hostages at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas have been safely secured.
At Federation here in Central Alabama, we are particularly aware of how much today's events have weighed on our rabbis, congregation staff, leadership and the community as a whole. Today's events in a smaller Southern community hit too close to home for comfort.
Please know that I am personally and in my role with Federation here for you all in any way I can be supportive.
I am so grateful to the leadership and staff of our congregations for their tireless efforts to secure our community's safety -- although after today, I can only imagine the apprehension many may feel.
I am confident that with the security measures we have put in place, we are in a good place. But we are committed to yet again working as a community to assess and implement protocols so we can continue to keep you and our congregations as safe as possible.
As Jews, I hope that we respond to this by doing what we do best: not just pray for peace, but work each and everyday to create a more peaceful world for all.
Phillip Ensler
Executive Director