Kosher Meat & Groceries

1450 Taylor Rd
Montgomery, AL 36117

P: 334.523.2940

Although there are no Kosher butchers or restaurants in Central Alabama, several  families do keep Kosher homes. Whole Foods Market on Taylor Road carry Kosher meat as  well as Kosher wines. The JFCA coordinated an order system, which will enable you to have your order within a week and 10% discounts for packages. Here you will find Whole Foods Market selection of Kosher meat items:

Item Number Item Case size Price* full cases will receive 10% savings  
153051 Kosher Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast 20lb 6.99LB  
153040 Kosher Chicken Whole 42lb 3.99LB  
154699 Kosher Turkey Ground Breast 12 units 6.99/LB –retail 1lb pkg  
154176 Kosher Turkey 12/14 (Seasonal) 52lbs 3.49LB  
154076 Kosher Turkey 16/20 (seasonal) 38lbs 3.49LB  
158483 Kosher Valley Ground Chicken 12 units 6.49/LB –retail 1lb pkg  
158485 Kosher ValleyTurkey Breast Cutlet 16lb 6.99LB  
158487 Kosher Valley Dark Ground Turkey 12 units 5.99/LB –retail 1lb pkg


Please place your order via email by 9 AM on Monday and send your request to the  following team members:

1. Chris Gonzalez, Store Team Leader:

2. Michael Beaufort, Meat Department Team Leader:

3. Joshua Phillips, Meat Department Team Leader:

Please note that JFCA does not endorse or certify the Kashrut of any of the following products. Please confirm appropriate supervision before placing your order.